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1、Xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD.,Has the strength of design research and development team;Company research and development department of a number of designers,plate-making division are graduated from dalian institute of light industry and other clothing colleges and universities,with high quality,very skillful,Have many years of experience in a swimsuit design,in xing-cheng swimsuit industry have a certain reputation,There are multiple xing-cheng swimsuit factory entrust my company design,Company registered "chaton lai" brand swimwear,Design is simple,concise,fashion,have individual character;Sophisticated fabrics,fine workmanship,export quality; In recent years was warmly welcomed by the market.In support of new and old customers patronage,"Chaton lai" swimsuit will become a magnificent swimsuit field.

2、Xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD.,the "chaton lai" brand swimsuit sincerely provinces and cities regional agents


Recruit regional agents
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一、Xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD.,the basic requirement of "chaton lai" swimsuit agents:

 1、Adhering to the modern times swimsuit culture,and promote modern times swimsuit culture;

 2、Has the rich swimsuit sales operation basic experience;

 3、Have good relationship with local society;

 4、Has the stable swimsuit sales channels;

 5、Have a certain economic strength;

 6、Identification of swimwear brand and operation mode;

 7、In the local market has a strong ability of swimsuit distribution.

二、Xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD.,the basic process of "chaton lai" swimsuit agents


    Determined by preliminary communication,basic cooperation intention,xingcheng modern times swimsuit co., LTD.,according to the needs of customers through express mail to send the samples to intentional merchants;Intentional merchants received samples,if yes agent can submit an application for agency.

2.To apply for:

    Fill in the《The agent application form for joining xingcheng modern times swimsuit co., LTD》Submit the audit xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD.

3.Visitors to the factory:

    Audited by xingcheng modern times swimsuit co., LTD. Office afte,Company will send a invitation letter to apply for the agent, invite them to the company to visit and investigation.

4.Sign the contract:

    After the visit to the factory,xingcheng modern times swimsuit co., LTD.,for the detailed price specified by the customer area and promotional support policy,Agent if you can agree to apply for signing《Xingcheng modern times swimsuit agent contract》.


    According to the basic terms of the contract, xingcheng modern times swimwear company area defined by the agents to jointly develop the market together.

三、About xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD.,the agent matters needing attention of some notes

1.Sales area:

   Xingcheng modern times swimwear brand sole agent co.,LTD.,USES the specified area of the marketing mode,namely each region limit for an agent.

   Company based on agent network and operation ability,etc,The agent can be divided into agent and local agent level 2 agents at the provincial level;The agent may apply for it according to their own conditions,office audit instructions by the company.

   Xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD.,implementing strict regional control system,resolutely put an end to interregional string of goods.

2.The sales target

   Xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD is the sales contract signed a year,every year company on the basis of comprehensive situation of the local market to set the sales target,Agent can't complete the current target is not the end of commission, if can't complete the current sales target of 80%,The company has the right to cancel the second year's cooperation.

3.The contract deposit

   Xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD.,according to the specific conditions of the contract area swimsuit market, as well as the different agents level,And other comprehensive factors for the agent to collect a certain amount of market margin,to sanctions list of goods and so on dealer's abnormal market behavior.

    Deposit contract in contract and settlement after the completion of the refund unconditionally agent.

4.The price

   Xingcheng modern times swimsuit co.,LTD.,to implement the delivery of a unified national price,and guide the agent implementation relatively unified into the shop,and retail price,the unified national price to pick up the goods,Store sales and retail price according to the characteristics of different markets,the company on the basis of the guided can adjust appropriately.

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